Customized Sales Training

Some might call us crazy, but we spend tens of thousands of dollars every year training our sales teams and our staff

What does that mean for you? It means WMS Marketing understands the importance of ongoing automotive sales and management training plus values the results it provides...results we wish to share with you.

WMS Marketing's sales staff members are some of the top salespeople in the country. They live it, believe it, work it, and love to share it.

Let WMS Marketing introduce your staff to new tools and techniques that are currently working for dealerships in the nation.  Our management staff will teach your salespeople techniques on how to close more deals and make more gross profit per deal.

Even the most seasoned sales professionals tend to need a refresher
course once in a while. Let our experienced WMS Marketing sales teams work with your staff to develop top performing employees. We teach by doing - we dive in and work alongside your staff to drive sales to your bottom line.

No need to send your employees off-site to learn skills
to use at your store. WMS Marketing brings the training to you, in your

Here are just a few things you will learn from WMS Marketing's customized training:

  • How to close more deals.
  • How to collect extra down payment.
  • How to improve profit per unit
  • Word tracks
  • Tone and inflection
  • When to close and when not to close
  • Desk and finance training