Respectful. Talented. Humble. Helpful. Easy to work with

WMS Marketing invests heavily in recruiting, training, and retaining our team members.  

We have a Zero Tolerance Policy: We value your reputation as much as our own.

What should I expect when the team is at my store?

  • We arrive at your store the day before your event begins.  We call this “set-up day".
  • We meet with you and your staff.
  • We work with your F&I team to ensure all paperwork is obtained.
  • We assist in the set-up, ie.staging, ballooning, etc
  • Our Team leaders work closely with your sales people to close deals with the highest possible ROI.

After the sale 

  • Team leaders will remain after the sale to tie up all loose ends.
  • Our sales are never complete until you and your staff are fully satisfied.
  • Our chargeback policy is that we share in all charge backs.